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Members of this kingdom are
made up (most of the members) of a simple prokaryotic cell,
some members make their own food,
and others take in food from an outside source.
Phyla :

Bacteria- require food from an outside source
   Smallest organism of the five kingdoms
   Most are round-, rod- or spiral-shaped
   Some grow in chains, others grow in clusters like grapes
   Some reproduce every 20 minutes (one bacteria could be an ancestor to one million bacteria in six hours)
   Live everywhere on earth including all over the human body and inside the digestive tract
   Degrade dead organisms
   Cause many human infections and conditions (like tooth decay, strep throat, acne, food poisoning, etc.)
   Humans use bacteria to:
   Make industrial chemicals
   Treat sewage
   Make foods like yohurt and cheese

Blue-Green Bacteria- make their own food through photosynthesis
   Bigger than most bacterial cells
   Commonly grow on water and surfaces that stay wet
   When they greatly increase in numbers in water, the water looks as if it is red in color.

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