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Members of this kingdom are:
1.multicellular (made of many cells),
2.They obtain food by absorbing it from dead or living organisms,
3. they cannot move about.
General Information
   More than 100,000 kinds of fungi have been described with thousands yet to be discovered..thus it is fruitless to describe the phyla
   Fungi feed by absorbing the dead or living material of other organisms
   To do this they produce threadlike structures (called mycelia) that grow deep into their food materials
   Chemicals from the mycelia dissolve the food and the nutrients are absorbed by the mycelia
   When the food is part of a living organism, the fungus may cause diseases such as athlete's foot (humans) and Dutch Elm disease (American Elm trees)
Five major classes

Water mold - parasitizing an underwater insect larva

Citrus Mold- Penicillium digitatum
Penicillium is the name of the genus
digitatum is the name of the species.

Ascomyctes sac fungi

Bread mold Rhizopus (genus)- White threads are vegetative mycelia (that digest and absorb nutrients). Black balls are reproductive structures (spores).

Musrooms- Lepiota (genus) rachodes (species

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